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Focus on your business, we scale your team on demand.

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Scale your team on demand.
Today, finding the right ressource to run your business is the biggest challenge in technology field.
We provide you a remote team of highly skilled and commited software engineers. We carefully cherry-pick each of your team member so the perfect fit is guaranteed.


We make your ideas alive.
During workshops we understand your need and define the core features for a Minimum Viable Product.
In 8 weeks, we deliver you a turn-key product. This solution suits any type of business without the internal resources to develop a proof of concept.


Going beyond limitations.
In highly competitive fields, the only way to success is innovation.
Our team of experts who forged their skills in best European startups help you overcome any of your technical challenge, to make your product faster, more powerfull and more reliable.


Who is LUDŌ?

Ludo is a development agency helping partners scaling their teams on demand. Whenever you have a problem, we provide you a tailor-made teams.
As a partner building long-term relationship We are driven by your success. Our strong culture of continuous learning allow us to stay ahead of the technological curve.
Our Software craftsmanship experts can turn any of your dream into reality.

Our team


Strong leadership

LUDŌ's founders have a high standard and serious work ethics.
To make it part of our culture, a strong top-down process is built in a way it allows everyone to make those values part of themselves.

Continuous learning

Technology is a highly disruptive field.
To keep our skills in sync with the fast pace evolution of computer science, learning is a strong aspect of our company culture.
At LUDŌ, in addition to our routine of knowledge sharing, we dedicate 2 days per month to training.

Top talent

Only the best.
High standard is one of our core value. Our team is only composed of committed people working their craft toward perfection.
Humility, self-awareness and motivation are qualities we carry.

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