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Shapr Talent

Building the future of recruiting

Recruiting platform for startups looking for pre-vetted sales candidate

Parisian startup and scale up come on Shapr to find sales candidate that are in the hidden market of talent looking for new exciting challenge.
Paul Munos

Paul Munos


“Ludo has connected very well with my other Co-Founder, they make the process easy to keep everyone aligned in the project. The team exceeded our expectation by delivering high quality deliverable but also priceless advice on choice we had to make to garantee a product that can scale in the future.”

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The Need

The French startup ecosystem is growing fast and is generating a high demand for experienced sales professionals. Recruitment however is a lengthy process in general. Although hiring recruitment firms can be a great option, the fees are usually expensive, and most startups prefer not to avail of these services. New companies and founders also often lack the time and the expertise to evaluate candidates and go through the screening procedures - going over multiple interviews and looking into a hundred profiles - to hire the best sales representative for their growing businesses. The Shapr team wanted to make hiring easier in terms of sourcing, so they pre-vetted the best sales candidates in the market and started sending newsletters to startups subscribed to their service. The newsletters include the candidate's profile, so all the businesses had to do was select who they think would best fit the role.The growing interest and positive feedback in the market attracted an increasing number of startups interested in availing the service. Still, Shapr's existing method and tools did not support onboarding users at scale. They also had difficulties making sure they reap the results of their labor, meaning that the transactions between the candidates and the startups looking to hire them only remain within their scope of service.To continue ceasing this business opportunity as organized and profitable as possible, they knew they needed to scale this into an intuitive platform where the creation of accounts for both candidates and startups can be automated and make sure they can maintain and keep track of increasing user data over time.Also, the founders had already previously launched and exited a startup. They were fully aware of the difficulties of sourcing and assembling a team for product development, so they decided to work with an external tech partner who had extensive experience in SaaS products.


The Challenge

Our development team and product managers commenced production with only a two-month deadline. Given the tight schedule, a quick understanding of the needs and a high level of responsiveness were necessary to deliver the right solution.There were plenty of things to coordinate. Because the service remained active during the entire project, the challenge was to migrate the existing data and bridge the old onto the new. This means keeping the CRM and the platform data in sync while connecting new modules and a new analytics tool without interrupting the service or providing any inconvenience to the current users. 


The Solution

Having only a short amount of time to conduct the research and produce a design is never ideal. Extensive market and user research are critical in any development, but because our client had a business opportunity to cease, this project had a strict delivery date, and our team had to accommodate in the best way we could. As their tech partner who's invested in their success, we knew adjusting to this time constraint was the right thing.We have proposed a design with all the required functionalities in a short period. For ease of browsing, a visually appealing platform was created where each sales candidate has a comprehensive profile placed on separate cards. Each card contains relevant information such as previous experiences, desired salary, and additional information about their hobbies and interests. Advanced filtering options were added to aid firms narrow down their search depending on specific criteria such as location, range of salaries, or years of experience. We then created an advanced administrative tool to manage different access rights concerning user privacy.With login and new company profiles, the Shapr team can finally monitor data on subscribed firms and gain insights from activities. They're also more able to check usage, fix any user issues, and re-engage less active companies, reducing churn risks. We worked closely with the Shapr team and made sure we were right on schedule. We conducted sprints and weekly demos to test and gather user feedback, and, in just six weeks of development using React and Node.js, we have delivered the first version of Shapr Talent. 


The Result

In just two months, our team transformed a business idea into a fully operational product. Interest in the market grew, and the company gained traction. Because more and more companies are pleased with the new product, the Shapr team attracted more than one hundred new subscriptions not long after the product launch. The initial issues on data leakage and lost business opportunities have also been significantly reduced because keeping an eye on users' activities, such as the initial contact between the hiring firms and candidates, has been made possible and easier to do. In other words, as there is now a dedicated space to hold all transactions, the Shapr team can ensure profit realization from all the deals originating from the platform. With an integrated analytics tool, the team can now collect user feedback, monitor activities, re-engage inactive customers, and use this information to plan additional features best suited to their customers' needs. They are also more equipped to identify and resolve customer issues and ensure a better customer experience. Shapr Talent as software has changed how our clients do business. They have succeeded in helping firms hire more efficiently and effectively for a fraction of a price compared to hiring traditional recruitment firms. We at Ludo are thrilled to be part of this solution and deliver an MVP in a short amount of time.
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