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Boost the SaaS development for Seelk

Cutting edge software helping brands win the battle on Amazon

Combining Amazon's expertise with the most advanced SaaS analytics tool, Seelk is where ambitious brands come in to kickstart their Amazon journey.
Benjamin Pipat

Benjamin Pipat


“Ludotech provided more than extra capacity. They assembled an A+ team of engineers who could perfectly fit together with Seelk. Having seen their process working, Ludotech is my go-to partner when I need extra help quick to meet a decisive deadline.”

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The Need

More and more historic brand are venturing into e-commerce. Seelk is gaining national media coverage as the go-to Amazon consultancy, resulting in massive growth and new need in the web development of its SaaS analytics tool.


The Challenge

Seelk was recently acquired by Webedia to be the 1st European Amazon agency in the next 5Y.  In a hurry, they needed to grow the tech team fast in an already crowded talent pool. They started looking to a devoted partner who could plug extra engineering talent to complement their in-house team quickly. Ludo with a passion for open source technology and deep expertise in SaaS development naturally appeared as the best choice.


The Solution

Ludo's team of experienced lead developers visited the in-house team at Seelk headquarter in Paris, where they immersed in the startup development method and business organization.  Benjamin Pipat Seelk's CTO defined tasks and goals for the two dedicated developers in React and Python before giving autonomy. With the quick and successful integration of the Ludo's team, Seelk could move faster without losing time in unproductive tasks allowing them to meet strict business deadlines. Ludo is now the trusted partner of Seelk, responding to any tech need rapidly without increasing its overhead.
  • React.js
  • Python


The Result

Onboarding new experienced developers to supplement the in-house teams helped Seelk improve the speed and performance of the existing product by starting the code refactoring they always delayed. We helped them fix all the bugs. With free up time to innovate again, they are creating and deploying new features on the software to stands out from the competition.
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