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Modjo: From a paper idea to a leading tech start-up

Modjo is a conversational analysis SaaS tool that turns any sales teams into top performers

The story of an ambitious entrepreneur, willing to step into the SaaS Jungle.
Paul Berloty

Paul Berloty


“Starting a venture on its own can be tough. Bringing a partner can be risky, and it’s hard to build a long-term relationships with freelancers. Ludo became our product team, by transforming in 12 weeks, my paper idea into a stunning digital product. I can honestly say that we would not have hit our goals without them.”

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The Need

The client has extensive experience in corporate, particularly in sales. He managed the sales process, trained people, and grew his team. While building the first sales team, however, he had a challenge - they weren't using any tool, and they didn't want to invest in expensive software so they had to operate the sales manually. Because of the technical challenges they faced, he imagined a tool that could help them close more deals by improving his team's overall performance. The most sensible solution is to use a tool that could record all conversations to capture and analyze what worked, what didn't work, and then train the sales team on the winning strategies. The majority of the sales transactions in the market are still closed over the phone. Regardless of the myriad of ways we now know how to connect - think about social media sites and messaging apps - over-the-phone conversations still reign supreme when it comes to closing B2B sales. This is because everyone has one, and at some point will have to use the phone to reach the right person, follow up with a customer, or handle a customer inquiry. And because the global pandemic has changed the work landscape of almost all industries, many more conversations and business transactions will continue to occur via video conferencing and VoIP than in face-to-face meetings.Sales over the phone however is an old industry that does not take advantage of technology and innovation. Its limit includes the inability to exploit the power of data, which means lost opportunities. The failure to capture all conversations means that they cannot be analyzed, and sales pitches cannot be improved. Without tracking and measuring performance, the sales process can never be optimized.


The Challenge

There were two types of challenges: The non-technical clients starting a tech startup and the product they wanted to develop. The first-time founders had a brilliant idea, but they had zero knowledge in coding and programming. The B2B SaaS is a highly competitive and dense marketplace, so they needed a tech partner who understands their entire vision, translates it into reality, and who could bring so much more than lines of code. They needed someone who could strategize alongside them and offer advice on methodology, prioritization of features and functionalities, and cost estimates of their future plans after the MVP. They also needed guidance on which architecture and programming language to use to help achieve their next goals.The clients wanted user-friendly software for recording and analyzing calls powered by the cloud built for SMEs or businesses where speed is key. As a lean startup, at the start, they didn't have the time nor a customer support team so the software must be made with a simple design and optimized usability to onboard customers at scale and eliminate the lengthy customer onboarding process. It was also clear from the beginning that there were already existing similar solutions in the market but could only be used by big enterprises with the resources to acquire and run them. Other than the cost, they were not built for SMEs as they were more complicated to install and use. A demo and extensive training are required to custom onboard data and run the software, so the idea was to build easy-to-use software so training won't be needed, anyone can begin to use it immediately, and churn rate can be reduced. A team will take on the project immediately after product delivery. As we aim to support the clients' next goals continuously, what this entails on the development side is that right from the beginning, we needed to build a clean, readable, and robust code foundation that is scalable for future new features.Regardless of the background, there will always be room for great ideas. Many successful startup founders have proved that it is possible to build a great tech product without a tech background. All you need is to succeed in communicating your idea with the project managers and developers who will translate it into reality, and a tech partner who understands the entire vision and who would hold your hand and walk with you through your tech journey. We at Ludo were as excited as the founders to work on the product and see it come to life.


The Solution

Kicking off the project with the strategizing and evaluation phase, we gave Modjo's idea a shape. We assessed and planned core features of the SaaS translating business needs into an MVP that could test product-market fit quickly. In the second phase of design thinking, our UX and UI designers joined us to conceive a visually appealing product and tailored to the user's needs. After the first phase of scoping and creating a clear roadmap, we commenced the development. The goal was to keep the client in the loop at all times and ensure alignment and transparency. We have a project management method where the client has access to the full scope of the project or tasks that we were currently working on. This was where he could track the progress and check the delivery date. At this stage of development, we were also able to receive real-time feedback to ensure that we ship a relevant product that caters to all needs and a product that his customers will love. We then conducted bi-weekly demos where the client could test the functionality and validate the work done.After just two weeks and armed with a clear roadmap, we started development by applying the right tech solutions using React and Node.js. Developing using agile methodologies, we added the client's feedback after every end of the sprint. After only six weeks of development, we delivered a stunning clean-code product making them ready for the next step.
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The Result

In just 12 weeks, the clients received a stunning digital product that is more robust than an average MVP. As we have developed a steady partnership with the Modjo team and are heavily invested in their success, we also assisted in sourcing and hiring a CTO. In less than a year, they were able to test the product quickly and started to sell and gain profit immediately after product delivery. With a product built using advanced technology, a clean code foundation, and a new CTO to lead the business forward, they were able to join Agoranov, a leading French tech incubator. They were then able to do fundraising and, on the first round, have successfully raised 500,000 EUR from a venture capital firm.Although starting a venture can be daunting, risks can be eliminated by choosing the right tech partner who could not just develop a stunning MVP but who could offer support all the way through. Our non-technical first-time founders understood the importance of working with an agency that can build a clean product from scratch, and serve as their initial tech advisor to guide and walk them through their first venture. We are so thrilled to witness the growth and success of Modjo with their conversational analysis tool.
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