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About Us

We help people and companies innovate by making tech accessible

We help people and companies innovate by making tech accessible

Our Story

Ludo the ultimate agile company was born in France in 2019 to propose working tech solution for modern business challenges. Over the last year, we build a global product team that masters every aspect of the product cycle. With our skills and mindset we've solved a lot of tech challenges and we are ready for any of them.

We have acquired a strong expertise building performance SaaS solutions, but we also develop mobile apps and responsive websites.

David Cuklevski

CEO & Co-Founder

"From the start, we help entrepreneurs build a product that can make an impact by providing superior service. Our goal is to unlock people innovative spirit by breaking the glass ceiling in launching new ventures"

Bruno Pereira

CTO & Co-Founder

"Technology has always been my passion. Now that it has become a trend, and a doorway to so many business opportunities, I am always eager to provide my knowledge to our customers and solve their technical challenges"


Monika Ristovska

Software Engineer

Vili Tulupov

Software Engineer

Mite Stojanov

Software Engineer

Elena Trajkova

Product Designer

Ivan Trajkov

Software Engineer

Ceca Srbova

Software Engineer

Makedonka Eftimova

Software Engineer

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