Our Story

Having roots in Macedonia I realized that the younger generation was embracing the new technology fast and was eager to sharpen their skills on the latest technologies in the IT sector.

Nevertheless, due to various factors in the economy, the opportunity for our youth is scarce as a vast majority of the incumbent IT firm prefer to take big old corporate projects with outdated technology but a safe dividend.

As a consequence, I was thinking, what if we could empower these young ambitious and talented people to develop themselves to the fullest extent by offering them the opportunity to work on these big challenging projects that French leading startups are facing right now, without the need for them to leave the country?

Fortunately, This is where my road crossed the one of our CTO Bruno Pereira!

David Cuklevski, CEO & Co-Founder

The Team

David Cuklevski


I come from a strong background in economics & finance at the Sorbonne University (Paris) and specialized in corporate finance at the Em Lyon Business School (Lyon).

As a naturally curious individual, I am keen to learn and have traveled through various branches of Finance: finance consulting mission, transaction advisory service in mergers & acquisitions, asset management, and Leveraged buyout at a private equity fund.

Having experiences on almost all type of firm, start-up and corporate I am helping clients' business to reach their next step.

Bruno Pereira


As far as I can go, technology has always been part of my life. From my early days with my first computer using Linux, up to my professional career, passing by my time as a student at Pierre Et Marie University (Paris), I have developed a deep interest into technologies and building software.

Now after several years learning from the best startup from the French ecosystem and leading teams on technical changes over there, I want to share my passion for computer science and my expertise with our clients and our teammates.

We're Hiring, join us!