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To fulfill our ambition of becoming the leading European technology agency, we are constantly looking for new talents to join our stunning team. How do we build such a team?

  • We only work on challenging projects using trending open source technologies
  • We pay top market compensation
  • We support the life-long improvement of our team through sponsored training

All those aspects are only possible because we live by our Values.

In Macedonian Ludo means crazy, so our offer may sound crazy for some people that could not get the message and we respect those. For those crazy enough to dare, let's the journey begin!

Our Values

✨ Passion & Excellence

The vocation is having to craft his passion.

What is Excellence at LUDŌ? Excellence is performing well above the average and beyond people expectations. Excellence is only attained with a mix of commitment, hard work and support. We offer our teammates and clients all the support needed to reach Excellence.

🙏 Honesty & Compassion

The worst effect of artificial politeness is that it teaches us how to dispense with the virtues it imitates.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

At LUDŌ we build the kind of atmosphere that fosters personal growth and best decision-making. None of this is possible without genuine honesty and compassion.

  • You owe yourself, your peers and our customers the truth, beyond your own prejudice.
  • You only act toward our goals and greater good and do not shy away from recognizing your own mistake quickly.

🚀 Boldness & Innovation

LUDŌ is not meant to be yet another agency. We do not thrive on imitation of what has already been done and are constantly looking for revisiting what limitations are. We dare and put strong emphasis on creativity.

  • You always challenge your own solution and design as much as those of your peers in the pursuit of efficiency.
  • You do not decree current state of the art as a boundary and always try to push it further.
  • Though, you know when to step back to keep your goals in sight. Good enough is fine.

💪 Self-awarness & Team work

The selfish is born for himself alone, the collective man is born for his fellow men.
Alphonse de Lamartine

  • You feel responsible for your surrounding's growth as much as yours.
  • You are keen to share humbly your knowledge and experiences. You are humbled by the skills of your peers.

What do we offer?

As Napoleon once said: "Money is the sinews of war".

We believe that salary is the best compensation for our employees. So how do we proceed?

  • What we will not do: make you a so-called competitive offer, or trying to lure you with the promise of an opaque bonus at the end of the year.
  • What we do: we will make a top market offer based on your skills.

On top of that, we also provide the best perk of the market according to our Values.

What we will not do: provide unclear qualitative benefits like "good work atmosphere" or "opportunity for growth"

What we do: we give only crystal clear perks.

  • The opportunity to work with stunning colleagues, ready to expand and share their knowledge, in close relationship with our French CTO.
  • Life-long self-improvement: 2 days of paid training/month.
  • Top notch equipment: Apple MacBook Pro, flexible workspace design.
  • The guarantee of working with the most exciting open source technologies.
  • Team lunch every week.
  • Quarterly review of our OKR in amazing places!

Where are we?

Our office is located in Macedonia, in the city of Gevgelija.

Why Gevgelija? Because, like many people, we are tired of big congested cities. We believe that pollution, commuting difficulties, and stressful crowd curb dramatically our capacity to be creative, joyful and productive. Gevgelija offers sunny weather, proximity to nature and has a strong sense of community.
Above all, traffic jam isn't a concern as you can go to work on foot and save a serious amount of money as the cost of living is 30% cheaper than in Skopje!

The city is surrounded by really cool point of interest so you can enjoy your weekends with family or friends. The eventuality of a crazy weekend in Thessaloniki organized by Ludo after-party team is not to be excluded 🕶.

Want to be part of the team?

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